Apr 042017
 April 4, 2017

UU Parkway Mile Cleanup Postponed To April 15

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on April 4, 2017

Hi, Folks,

A short walk on the UU Mile of the Parkway today revealed what hath been wrought* in the succession of spring following the flood.  What lay before me was surprising, indeed.  A scene barren, brown and bathed in mud last month is now, in most part clad in the multi-hued greens of springtime.  The first thing noticed as I ascended the stairway from the parking lot was the singing of many birds.  Atop the levee, it was evident that greens had replaced browns as the dominant colors.  Closer looks revealed wildflowers, sometimes lonely, and sometimes in profusion almost at eye level.  A young deer was curious and tolerant of my presence, and alongside the river the power of the previous flood was apparent in driftwood festooning the streamside trees high above the current water level.  A few photographs made with my pocket camera are below.
That said and intriguing as it may be to be out there, we have another weather event approaching this week. Rain, high winds and thunderstorms are in the forecast for Friday and Saturday; and so it seems wise to reschedule our UU mile cleanup to the following Saturday, April 15.  When we are able to be on the UU Mile again I can assure you that it will be interesting to see how springtime has dramatically changed our mile.  I look forward to experiencing it with you and will send another confirming message next week.
With much appreciation for your caring for the Parkway,
*Considering last Sunday’s sermon, I’ll leave it to you to figure out what wrought it…


UU Mile-3

UU Mile-6

UU Mile-4

UU Mile-6

UU Mile-2

UU Mile-5

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