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 June 6, 2016

Shall We Gather At The River? UU Parkway Mile Cleanup This Saturday

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on June 6, 2016

Inexplicably I awoke this morning with the title line from the old gospel song “Shall We Gather At The River” in my head.  Pretty strange for a guy who didn’t grow up singing songs like that, and is not likely to be singing them downstream.  But a reminder it was that this next Saturday is “Second Saturday” and thus is our date to gather at the river to pick up trash on the UU Mile of the American River Parkway.

We’ll meet on Saturday, as usual, between 8:45-9:00 AM in the parking lot at the west end of Northrop Avenue, next to the levee, near Panera off Howe Avenue.  If this will be your first time to assist, I’ll get your contact info and brief you on our cleanup activity.  We’ll clean up trash from the Parkway until 10:30 and rejoin at that time at the foot of the levee stairway for a quick photo of our crew and the results of our work. Coffee and conversation at Panera are always a pleasant option afterward.

Below, you’ll find a group of Wood Ducks who recently gathered at the river.  I believe the apparently vocal one may be a little disturbed that the one in the foreground said he wasn’t going to vote in the primary tomorrow…

With much appreciation to you all,

Dave Dawson

Wood Ducks, American River Parkway

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