Mar 122016
 March 12, 2016

Results of the March 12 Cleanup of the UU Mile of the Parkway

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on March 12, 2016

A small in number, but hardy and hard-working crew braved the weather forecast to clean up the UU Mile of the Parkway this morning. Out there, in what became good conditions for the job, were Mark Gray, Terry McLean, Patricia Pratt, Jeff Voeller and I. We were pleased to welcome Terry McLean to our crew for the first time this morning. What was offered to her as a pleasant and purposeful walk in the park turned out to be quite a challenging task, but she pitched right in and earned her stripes first time out!

The major challenge this morning was an unusually large amount of trash at an abandoned illegal campsite. What was quite a mess yielded, perhaps 500 pounds of trash to be taken away.

On the bright side, California poppies were seen in abundance; and see below Patricia Pratt’s photographs of an emerging Milk Thistle and a field of wild radish.

Coffee and pleasing conversation followed our work. Many thanks are owed and offered here to Mark, Terry, Patricia and Jeff for making a difference on the UU mile this morning.


Terry McLean, Dave Dawson, Mark Gray and Patricia Pratt, with Jeff Voeller behind the camera

Milk Thistle
Wild Radish UUMile_3-12-16

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