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 February 13, 2016

Results of February 13 Cleanup of the UU Mile of the American River Parkway

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on February 13, 2016

UUMilePPratt 2-12-16 W

As can be seen from the photograph above, by Patricia Pratt, it was a beautiful day on the UU Mile of the Parkway today when eleven fine folks came out to clean up our mile.   Out for a good walk for good purpose were (from left in the photo below) Mark Gray, Patricia Pratt, Joseph Simpson, Lee Simpson, Ben Simpson, Nancy Gilbert,  Jerry Houseman and (not in the photo) Cherie O’Boyle, Alex Hanson,  Sondra Mercer, and Dave Dawson.  When we finished, the UU mile was clean and fresh with, perhaps, 200 lbs. of trash no longer in evidence.

Much appreciation to this excellent crew!

…and, below the photograph of the crew is one of the first California Poppies to appear on the UU mile this spring.

UUMileResults2-12-16 W


UUMilePoppy 2-12-16 W

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  4 Responses to “Results of February 13 Cleanup of the UU Mile of the American River Parkway”

  1. Thank you Mark Gray, Patricia Pratt, Joseph Simpson, Lee Simpson, Ben Simpson, Nancy Gilbert, Jerry Houseman, Cherie O’Boyle, Alex Hanson, Sondra Mercer, and Dave Dawson for making it a nice place to be (again)!

    How about naming the mile when you mention the “UU Parkway Mile?” As: We cleaned up UU Parkway Mile 5 (or 6 or 4.5-5.5 or whatever it is.

    I want to pass on the above pictures from Dave and Patricia to some in the Parkway Coalition, and I’d like to tell them where it is.

    Again thank you for doing this beautiful dirty work.

  2. Thanks much for your comment, Ginger, and for your work with the Parkway Coalition. The UU Mile is known to Parkway cognoscente as Mile 6 North. You’re welcome to forward to members of the Parkway Coalition any of my photographs (including those of the crew and the poppy) that are posted at this website.

  3. Thanks, Dave for spearheading this and to all who show up. Especially loved Patricia’s pic….good job everyone!

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