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 April 21, 2016

Makeup UU Mile Cleanup This Saturday

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on April 21, 2016

Hi, All,

We missed our regularly scheduled cleanup of the UU Mile last Second Saturday because of rain, but let’s make up for it and give it a go this coming Saturday, April 23. The oracles of meteorology say we’ll get some showers on Friday, but Saturday will be a lovely 73 degrees. We’ll meet, as usual, between 8:45-9:00 AM in the parking lot at the west end of Northrop Avenue, next to the levee, near Panera off Howe Avenue. If this will be your first time to assist, I’ll get your contact info and brief you on our cleanup activity. We’ll clean up trash from the Parkway until 10:30 and rejoin at that time at the foot of the levee stairway for a quick photo of our crew and the results of our work. Coffee and conversation afterward at Panera are always a pleasant option.

It’s been a while since I’ve been out to make photographs on the river, but I just returned from camping in Big Sur with 20 of my photographer friends. So, because today is Earth Day, and with gratitude for the many beautiful places on this earth and the people who take care of them, I’ll share two photographs here from that trip.

With much appreciation to you,

Dave Dawson

Early Evening, Big Sur Coast and Bixby Creek Bridge,

Early Evening, Big Sur Coast and Bixby Creek Bridge,

Point Sur Lighthouse, Sunset, 4-17-16

Point Sur Lighthouse, Sunset, 4-17-16

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