Dec 162016
 December 16, 2016

December UU Mile Cleanup Canceled

Posted by David Dawson

Posted on December 16, 2016

Regrettably we must cancel our makeup cleanup of the UU Parkway mile tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 17. The river is now running at the highest level in ten years, with releases of 35,000 cubic feet/sec. from Folsom Lake causing many areas of the Parkway to be closed.  I visited our mile today and, from the top of the levee just past a temporary sign that says “Parkway Closed”, I was able to see that most of the land on our mile appears now to be inundated with the high river flow. For those of you familiar with the UU mile, you can visualize most of the area to be under water between the main paved bike trail and the highest dirt pathway next to the river above the old loop trail. The old loop itself is under water.

With the Christmas and New Year holidays fast approaching, we’ll skip this month’s cleanup. I’ll hope to see you and our crew on the second Saturday in January (January 14).  As a result of the river now coursing through our domain, we’ll certainly have much new to see (and much work to do) when the water subsides.

Meanwhile, I wish you a most joyful and peaceful holiday season.



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