Out and About


Out and About

Out and About connects UUs and friends for participation in various outings.

If you have an idea for an excursion to a play, a hike, bird watching, museum, etc., you can disseminate the information through the Out and About network.  Simply write up a description of the activity with dates, estimated costs, etc. and send it to .  The activity you describe will be sent out via e-mail to all the people on the Out and About list.  You will be the contact person for the event and will coordinate the activity yourself; anyone interested will contact you directly.  The coordinator for Out and About simply maintains the list and sends out the initial notice.

If you want to be included on the list to be notified of all activities:

send an email to  and ask to be put on the Out and About list.

General News

Make sure you send an email to to receive information about activities.