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 December 6, 2015

Piano Recital Thursday (Dec. 10th) 1 pm & 7 pm

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on December 6, 2015


Piano solos by Prokofiev and Faure. Nicholas Dold in a benefit recital at UUSS This Thursday with two performances: 1:00 and 7:00 PM. Nicholas will give a brief introduction of the pieces, some which are seldom heard. All welcome! Tickets $10 ($5 for students up to age 25). Proceeds benefit the building renovation fund.

Check out this video of him playing with a young violinist

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  2 Responses to “Piano Recital Thursday (Dec. 10th) 1 pm & 7 pm”

  1. A member just pointed out a confusion. The posting on the website update shows who posted it and when it was posted. The date is rather bold, and it says December 6, 2015. That makes it look as if the event is/was last Sunday. It’s not. It’s TOMORROW. I wonder if we can change the formatting so the date of posting is smaller and near the bottom of the post?

    • Yeah, I’ve had other people say something similar. Let me re-think how posted dates should show on the site. For now I added “Posted on” before the date and I added Dec. 10th in your title.

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