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 December 13, 2017

new hymn for this Sunday–

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on December 13, 2017

I’m thinking about this as our choir members head to UUSS for tonight’s rehearsal.

This Sunday, in addition to our choir singing and Tom Voigt on percussion and Ina Jun and Linda Dawson on keyboards, we will have some lovely hymns, old and new.  One of them is “Prayer to Holy Wisdom,” the text of which was written by the Rev. Kendyl Gibbons for the ordination ceremony of a new minister nearly 25 years ago, a minister who had a strong and sophisticated Pagan spirituality–hence the metaphors in this poem/hymn text. See it below.

The tune to which it was written is a familiar one to English-speaking peoples.  To hear it, come on Sunday!

Hymn:  Prayer to Holy Wisdom

Holy Wisdom, touch this hour

With a sweet and solemn joy.

Seal our pledges in a power

Time and change will not destroy.

Faithful servants let us be

Of the truth that makes us free.

Gentle Wonder, feel our yearning

Hungry for a Mother’s care.

Guide our longing and our turning

On the journey that we share.

Sing in every broken soul

Of the peace that makes us whole.

Ancient Promise of the ages,

To your justice call us still.

Write our vows on timeless pages,

That we may, with steadfast will

Cherish good, and mend all wrong

In the hope that makes us strong.

Gracious Spirit, seek and find us

When in fear we stand apart.

In the web of living bind us;

Open all creation’s heart

To a mercy that restores

All the love that makes us yours.

Text by the Rev. Kendyl Gibbons. Tune by Henry John Gauntlett, harmony by Arthur Henry Mann (see hymn #228).


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