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 October 9, 2016

Theology on Tap this Monday night at a brew pub near UUSS

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on October 9, 2016

beerCheck out the October Unigram newsletter, find your designated driver, and come on over for this new monthly gathering for spiritual discussion and craft beer.

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  2 Responses to “Theology on Tap this Monday night at a brew pub near UUSS”

  1. The first Theology on Tap was hoppy, I mean hopping. A success. We had seven people: 4 of us over age 50 and 4 under 30. Everyone either had a designated driver or only one drink over two+ hours of conversation. We sat outside at Capitol Beer & Tap room, once we found parking in and around the construction zone. The bartender had heard of UUSS because he knew someone from the craft brewers’ club that used to rent a meeting room from us once a month.

    After some informal chatting, we considered the theological TOPIC OF THE NIGHT: Ben Franklin is credited with saying that BEER is evidence that God loves us and wants us to be happy. What do you think the Source with a capital S, the spirit of life, the divine intelligence… does want for us? This took some thinking before answering, especially because some of our folks are agnostic or don’t imagine God in any traditional way. But the answers were deep and wide ranging. Okay, who’s up for a brewery meeting next month?

    • i really like the idea of it, i was so close to coming that night. i’m glad to hear it was a success and would totally do it next time

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