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 November 9, 2016

Sharing Circles today at noon and 7 PM

Posted by Rev Lucy

Posted on November 9, 2016

Ministerial Message: 11/09/16

My Beloved congregation:

I cried this morning. Cried tears of despair, of anger, of loss. For many of us the election result is more than a setback, it is a loss of a sense of safety, a loss of a sense of possibility. It is as if the world were different from what we believed it to be. We grieve what might have been and fear what might well be.

But we know, my friends, that this too shall pass. Our faith in human nature will return. We will come together this Sunday and remind ourselves of hope and love and essential human goodness. We will sing and listen, hold hands and pray. We will find comfort, reassurance, and inspiration in each other’s presence. We will invigorate ourselves for deeper engagement in living the values we hold dear. We will go on in love.

But for now, give yourselves time to grieve, to be with and process your feelings. I encourage you to let your feelings express themselves as much as your life allows. Grief is important work, and necessary for healing. But you need not do it alone. The church is open and we are here to support you, with a hug, a kind word, a commiserating spirit. Scott and I will hold a special space at both noon and 7 PM for anyone who needs to share their feelings, light a candle, say a prayer, or just be with others. And if you can’t come at those times, come when you can today or tomorrow. We are here. Your community is here. We will get through this together and move forward with renewed spirits.

I am grateful for this community.

Sending love to all of you,

Rev Lucy

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  5 Responses to “Sharing Circles today at noon and 7 PM”

  1. Thank you!

  2. Your message came just in time for me. I need people to share my grief with. I have only attended services twice at your church since moving here from San Diego in May of 2014. I will be there Sunday, and will start coming on a regular basis.

  3. I am writing this because I believe LOVE is all that is real and anything not love is not real. I believe in God … GOD is LOVE … LOVE is all we are … any victimhood stances, any labels of separation, any us vs. them, any fears, anything supporting the belief that anything other than LOVE could even exists on this planet is man made and is what keeps the belief in separation operating in our world and in our churches. Until WE stop believing and supporting the belief in separation, the belief that we are victims of circumstances beyond our control, we will delay our awakening from the dream of illusion … we either believe in LOVE / GOD or we sleep and serve the imagined ego. Nothing outside God exist … less we say so … and your church is caught up in supporting something other than God. Lift our people up … set them free … end labels, victimhood and an us vs. them come from. Raise the vibration of your church with LOVE only … God is all there is … we are here to remember who we (all … everyone) is … pure LOVE … we cannot be other than that. When we focus on the Christ in ALL of us … the illusion of separation is dispelled and we wake up and come home.

    From the outside looking in … your sign of separation “Black Lives Matters Here” and this election result overview, support fear, victimhood, an us vs. them, labels and a belief that something not love is real and even exist. We will be free when we see Christ in all people … when WE stop promoting the belief that we are other than what God created … pure LOVE. Nothing else outside love is even possible, no matter what your ego mind wants you to believe. We are not victims … only players in our own reality … and God gives us the freedom to choose what we want to see, focus on, experience, and in that, we will wake up and go home as each and every one of us chooses ONLY LOVE … which WE will.

    • We as Unitarians believe in Love. We join together on our spiritual journeys to increase the amount of Love among each other and with our experience of the Divine.

      Love is a relationship. You rightfully mourn that there are those things that separate people from Love and the Divine. So when we see others being treated as less than the equal children of God they are, when others try to separate those people from the love of God and others, we step up to let them know they are loved. You write “Love is all we are.” When we see others being told that is not true, that they are not loved, are not worthy, we feel the loving thing to do is to step up and tell them they are loved.
      We are not labeling others victims – those who lied to them, told them they are “less than” attempt to make them victims by claiming their separateness, by claiming the image of God cannot be found in them. We are doing the opposite, pointing out the lie of this attempted labeling and claim of separateness and assuring them that they are as loved as any other.

      You fear our church is caught up in supporting something other than God. We may be accused, I suppose, of focusing on relationships that, as I said above, increase the amount of Love among each other and with our experience of the Divine. If God is Love, and Love is a relationship, I don’t see that as a problem.

  4. You still see an “us vs. them” and are making that relationship real by supporting the belief that there are those who are not loving in this world, that there are those who are doing, or saying, anything that can make someone feel they are not loved or not pure LOVE. When we focus on only the Christ in ALL people, we make no one wrong, or bad, or less than. By supporting others in believing something outside them has the power to feed them a lie about being loved, creates separation in itself. The truth is, we do not know what anything is for, nor what anything means … only God does and God makes no mistakes. Every experience we have has been of our own choice and every experience we have will be used, by God, not man, to bring us home … to awaken within us the truth of who we are. We are not here to fix anything or anyone … what God made is whole and complete and the experiences WE have chosen to have are meant to wake us up. As a church you have committed to serve God … Christ is all we are to see in each other and to love EVERY SINGLE PERSON equally … no matter what we imagine to be happening. The message you give the people you believe have done something to someone is that they are bad, and worse, not lovable, and the message you give to the ones you believe have been wronged, or lied to, is that they have been victimized. LOVE does not see any form of separation … LOVE does not see anything but LOVE and until WE support only LOVE, we see separation … in fact, we create it … knowingly or unknowingly. Your sign … your message that who got voted in is bad … are ego based … God lives in ALL and all is God. W are now remembering who we are … the Kingdom is within … we are free at last. We need to raise the vibration on this planet by being only LOVE, and focusing on only the truth of who we are … pure LOVE.

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