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 July 3, 2015

Rebuilding Black Churches burned by arson attacks

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on July 3, 2015

Folks have asked me about a way to send contributions to help out the African American congregations whose churches have been burned by arsonists in recent weeks, especially since the murders of nine worshipers at Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC.

I participated in a nationwide conference call with faith leaders Thursday about the need for white people of faith to speak out against all forms of racial oppression and violence and to show up for racial justice. Among other things, I learned about the following:

Click here for the link to the Rebuild the Churches Fund and learn all about it.

It is operated by Christchurch Episcopal Cathedral in St. Louis, which will distribute funds equally to churches whose damage the authorities can confirm was a result of arson.   Thank you for your interest and any support you can provide.  Those congregations also appreciate being held in prayer and receiving our good wishes.


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