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 October 2, 2016

Pastoral Prayer for Sunday, October 2, 2016

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on October 2, 2016

Join me now in the spirit of community prayer. As we name those people or places on our hearts, let us feel free to speak them into the space of this sanctuary. The spoken prayer will be followed by a minute of silence together, and then by music from the piano.

Let us open ourselves to the breath of life. Let us give thanks for the gift of life and the gift of this new day. As the cooler days of autumn draw us inward for warmth, let us also be drawn together for light and hope. In this place of welcome and inspiration, may all who need community find a home.

Our minds may be drawn to those no longer with us, the people who died recently and those we lost some time ago but whose lives continue to grace our days. By the speaking of their names, let us bring them into the space of our sanctuary now.

Also let us remember those lost in the line of duty, while serving in harm’s way in distant lands or serving in nearby communities. We pray for those now serving in zones of conflict and oppression, and for those living in such places, and for those now fleeing tyranny and violence in their homelands. We pray for peace.

Today we hear the names of more men of color, unarmed yet killed in encounters with police. The toll of heartache has been made longer by the names of Terence Crutcher, in Tulsa; Keith Lamont Scott, in Charlotte; Alfred Olango, in El Cajon, and Joseph Mann, who was killed in Sacramento on the 20th of July. We pray for peace, but not for silence. As protests of grief and anger take place, let us be resolved that they take place without violence and without injury to peace officers or to civilians. Let the spark of human dignity be seen in every human life and be recognized in every person.
We call to mind those who are troubled in body, mind or spirit. To all of them, we send blessings of comfort, healing and hope. Let us remember in particular the millions who live with chronic fatigue, or chronic diseases which cause pain or disability but which are not visible conditions. May those with invisible illnesses have courage and strength. May all of us be open to compassion and understanding.

Also today we send our love to those preparing for medical procedures and those who are now on the mend. Whether speaking their names aloud or whispering to ourselves, we extend our wishes for ease and healing. Now let us bring their names into this room. Bill, Rosemary, Bill…

And may each of them and every one of us know our bodies as gifts of life, and know our lives as interconnected with all of life on this good earth.

Also let us acknowledge the blessings, new beginnings and celebrations which bring joy to life. Birthdays, anniversaries, baseball playoffs, travel completed or about to begin, or visitors welcomed, and so on. Let us not be shy to speak out loud reasons for joy and hope, and by doing so, bless this place with our gratitude at this time…

Now as we move into silent contemplation, let us feel the spirit of love, and let it reassure us and renew us. And may the divine spark of love and courage guide us in the days ahead.

Amen and Blessed be.

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