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 May 5, 2016

Minister’s words about being gracious with noises or distractions in the sanctuary

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on May 5, 2016

In my words of welcome this past Sunday, May 1:

As you may have read in the Unigram newsletter, the sermon today is rated PG-13, and we will hear it soon. This early part of the service, every Sunday morning, is rated G, for all audiences.


For the next 15 minutes (until the youth and kids depart for Religious Education) we are together as a community of all ages, all abilities, various behavior differences and differing limits to our ability to sit absolutely still or stay absolutely quiet.


Whatever our age or stage of life, I hope we can practice being together as a compassionate community, where we strive to practice patience even as noise or motion might catch our attention. Let us remember that acceptance and grace are the keys to hospitality. We are glad all of you are here!

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