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 October 9, 2015


Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on October 9, 2015

‪#‎LoveYourNeighbor‬ ‪#‎HateUnchecked‬ Some people in this diverse and beautiful land stir themselves up and stir up others with hostility about people of the Islamic religion. Our UU faith tradition has urged us to stand for tolerance, kindness, human kinship, and the hard work of UNDERSTANDING. That means learning about people whose lives, beliefs, perspectives, and experiences are very different from your own. We appreciate the contributions of Muslims in the larger community, in particular through their congregations. We have some Muslim friends and Muslim relatives among our families at UUSS, too. I’ve taken graduate classes in religion with Muslims, Catholic and Protestant Christians, Pagans, Jews, and non-theists. Even so, I know I have much to learn in order to love my neighbor more authentically. I’m looking forward to Rev. Lucy’s sermon this Sunday at 10:30.

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