Dec 242017
 December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve morning prayer

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on December 24, 2017

We had a lively and lovely crowd of adults and children at all ages at 10:30, with special music and a reflection on how rituals can bring us together and build lasting memories.  We finished the service by decorating our three trees together, so we’re all set for tonight!

This is the pastoral prayer I offered at the morning service at UUSS

2017 Christmas Eve morning prayer

If you are anything like me, the many distractions and activities that fill the days leading up to Christmas make the holiday season one of pressure as well as pleasure.   So many things to do, so many hopes and plans and expectations.   In the midst of these activities, it’s important to find moments to pause, reflect, offer thanks, count our blessings, and call to mind those we love and those who need love.  Please join me now for spoken prayer followed by a time of silence for personal contemplation.  Settle yourself into your seat, and settle your spirit into an awareness of your breathing, in and out, and into an awareness of our common breath as I offer these words.

Spirit of Life, God of Love, we give thanks for the gift of life and the gift of this new day.  May we take the time to recall our occasions for giving thanks, and keep alive the spirit of gratitude. As we remember holidays past, we may perhaps feel blessed wistful, sad, joyful, glad.  Let our memories be honest but also nourishing.   Let us remember that we are creating new memories every day—for ourselves, for others, for the world—memories based on the kind words we speak, the compassion we show, and the ways we help others.   On this holiday, we wish for safe journeys for those now traveling.  We think of those in our circles of care who are not able to be here physically.  This includes our member C__ __.  He is recovering after emergency intestinal surgery. He sends his love. Let us now pause to speak additional names into the space of this gathering.

Now let us bring to mind all the hurting people and places around this earth—those in zones of conflict and oppression; those recovering from disasters or living through them still; those living with afflictions of body, mind or spirit, and all those who in their distress ask us not to forget them.

Let us pause to send our caring thoughts out beyond these walls and send in all directions our meditations of loving-kindness meditations and our prayers for peace.    So may it be. Blessed be and amen.


Now let us take a minute for contemplation, and for simply breathing and being here with one another.

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