Apr 042016
 April 4, 2016

Candles of Celebration and Sorrow this Sunday–

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on April 4, 2016

Every 2nd Sunday of the month (April 10) we invite you to come up to light a candle in the common bowl before our 10:30 service to mark a joy, milestone, sorrow or prayer.  The lighting will be done in silence and then during the prelude music, and the candle flames will bear witness to our concerns and celebrations during the rest of the service.

If you would like the ministers to know about your joy, sorrow or other news, please fill out a card.

Please indicate on the card if you would like us to include this item in the spoken prayer this morning and let us know if we can mention your name.  You are welcome to light a candle without submitting a card, or to fill out a card for the ministers without lighting a candle.

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