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 February 20, 2016

UUSS Stewardship: Keep the Momentum Going —

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on February 20, 2016

So many visitors and other folks comment on how lively, friendly, warm and generous this congregation is. The program year is barely half over, and so much is happening at UUSS. Thank you!

Now it’s time to think about the next program year and to pledge our support to the budget that will support our vitality. As we look forward, here’s what I hope we can make happen in the new budget year:
• Keep our creative energy and momentum going strong.
• Bring on a seminary intern for 9 months of ministry—to serve UUSS and learn from one of the best examples of a thriving, healthy congregation.
• Create more opportunities for families, kids and elders to make friends!
• Compensate our dedicated staff members to be sure we are being just (with a living wage) and competitive (so we keep them with us).
• Expand the Music Director position.  Let’s take advantage of Keith’s   gifts of leadership, collaboration, and recruitment of volunteer musicians of all kinds and some of the best local musician guests
• Develop a coherent and strong social action theme for the year and combine learning, reflection, outreach, hands-on service, and advocacy.
• Add even more opportunities for spiritual practice and learning together.

Some folks may not know where it all comes from.

It’s from the generous gifts of time, talent and financial contributions of members, families and friends like you.
I hope you can make what you consider to be a generous monthly pledge to the budget for the coming year. I plan to do so as well. I’m raising my pledge to $385 per month.
Let’s keep our momentum, while building connections within, among and beyond ourselves. Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and enthusiasm.

Yours in service,

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