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 November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday Prayer Nov. 22, 2016

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on November 22, 2015

We had a service for all ages today with a beautifully arranged center table and the chairs in the round.  The choir sang twice, and it was beautiful, especially with Artesia as the soloist.  Mary’s reflection and Rev. Lucy’s message were full of meaning.  The ritual of posting our gratitude messages on the wall was a big success.  We shared the offering with Sac Loaves and Fishes.  We welcomed 8 new members.  After the service Rev. Lucy gave an orientation and campus tour to 15 people. Irwin and I led another monthly session of Coming of Age for youth and their mentors.  There were at least three other meetings after church.  I’m grateful for such an active community.  Here is the prayer I gave after the gratitude ritual.

Prayer of Gratitude and Hope for the All-Ages Service

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rev. Roger Jones

Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento


Please join me for a moment of silence and then for spoken words of gratitude and of hope.   [PAUSE]

Loving spirit, divine spark, breath of life, let us call to mind so many reasons for giving thanks.  When our cup overflows, may we give thanks.  In times of gladness and bountiful blessings, help us to share our joy, our abundance, and our presence wherever we can make a difference.

In times of sadness, help us to know we are not alone. When our blessings appear few and far between, help us keep our hearts open to the simple gift of life and the gift of every new day.  Grant us wisdom, courage, and serenity for living one day at a time.

Help our hearts to grow in gratitude, and let us look beyond our own lives to a world that needs each and every one of us.

When those we know and love are worn and hurting by the rough times of life, when they face afflictions of body, mind or spirit, let us lend a listening ear more often than we offer advice, and extend our hands in care and speak words of gratitude for their lives.

At this time of strife and confusion, people around the globe are praying for peace and trembling with needs for safety and food, for mercy and freedom.  God, hear their prayers.  And may we hear their needs and their longings with open hearts. May we direct our strength and our spirits toward help and healing.

Help us keep an open heart, in the times of gladness and in sadness.  Let our lives bear witness to kindness and hope.   Help our hearts to grow in courage and gratitude.

May we know the many ways we have been blessed, and remember when and how and by whom.  Let us give thanks for the gift of life and this new day, and for all good gifts.  So may it be. Blessed be, and amen.

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