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 December 13, 2015

In Loving Memory — upcoming services to honor members

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on December 13, 2015

Bob Feagans, a longtime member of this congregation, passed away Dec. 6 at the age of 89.  We extend our condolences to his wife and three daughters, all of whom grew up in UUSS.  His memorial service will be at 2:00 PM, Sunday, January 10.

Frances Yankauer passed away Dec. 9 at the age of 92.  She was a devoted Unitarian Universalist for many years and a source of joy to all her church friends.  She and Jim, her late husband, were founding members of the River Road UU Church in Bethesda. They moved here in retirement to be near their family, son Mark and his wife and son, Mary and Alex.  We extend our condolences to them and our gratitude for giving Fran and Jim a reason to come to Sacramento.  Her memorial service will be at 2:00 PM, Sunday, January 17.

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