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 May 23, 2016

End of year, beginning of next

Posted by Kate A

Posted on May 23, 2016

What an amazing  finish to this year. In addition to welcoming newcomers for next year, we played the first version of The Game (working title).  Congrats to you all, you went from learning to play a cooperative game to creating one using the 6 pillars of UUism and identifying actions manifesting those pillars.  GREAT job JHYGers!!!

So, there is homework.

First, do at least one action from each of the pillars (see post in April) and score from 1 to 3 the difficulty.  For example, in the worship pillar, singing could be scored from 1, in your house while doing doing chores, to a 2, singing in the choir  in church to a 3, singing solo in front of people.  The pillars only come alive with action.  Have fun to bringing life to the pillars.  When we re-convene, we will collect those observations to add dimension to our game. Have fun with it.

Second, work on your version of the game.

Third, begin thinking about an avatar.  Make one. Think about what it might want to say.

Fourth, and most important, have a delightful summer full of laughter, engagement and contemplation.  See you next year in September.

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