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 April 1, 2017

The date has changed to April 5th! Dial Down the Heat: Cultivate the Common Good for our Common Home

Posted by Christine Bailey

Posted on April 1, 2017

Join us April 5th At UUSS at 5:45 for Spring Treats and Flowers and option to carpool to St. Francis de Assisi Parish in downtown Sacramento for their event Connect the Dots from St. Francis to Pope Francis.  This year marks the 37th anniversary of St. Francis being named the Patron Saint of Ecology.  This is a workshop with an emphasis on climate action.  Explore ways to find common  ground when talking about climate change in era of ongoing polarization. Deepen your knowledge of what Pope Francis encyclical Laudato Si calls people to do in standing up for the moral imperative of shaping the future of our planet.  Now is the time for faith communities to lead in  these discussions and influence our political leaders to take positive steps.

UUSS Interfaith Earth photo Dial Down the Heat

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