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 January 19, 2018

Sunday morning 1/21 @ UUSS -Benefit for At-Risk Youth and Formerly Incarcerated Young Adults

Posted by Christine Bailey

Posted on January 19, 2018

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A benefit for the American River Parkway Foundation’s Recreate for Health Program. It brings at-risk youth to the American River Parkway for healthy, empowering experiences and provides bicycles to previously incarcerated youth for transportation. Sunday morning 1/21 we will accept donations of fishing poles and reels, lures for trout/small fish, small first aid kits, Band-Aid bandages, adult bicycles, 26″ wheels, grips for handlebars, & bicycle pedals. Learn more and volunteer with them if you like!

After church we have a Special Soup Sunday with all donations going to Recreate for Health!

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