Oct 092017
 October 9, 2017

Faith Groups Link Together at UUSS for our Common Home and Climate Change Action

Posted by Christine Bailey

Posted on October 9, 2017

October 8 Interfaith Climate Forum Group Photo

In photo starting from left: UU Interfaith Earth Justice team members Hally Cahssai and Bobbie Keill, and Christine Bailey, Susan Orr – Sacramento Climate Sangha, Mark Carlson – Lutheran Office of Public Policy, Dr. Anne Kjemtrup – SALAM Center, Dr. Reem Al Olaby – SALAM Center, Theo Goodwin – Congergation B’Nai Israel, Ruth Ivory-Moore – Energy & Environment Director for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Brother Mark Schroeder – Franciscans for Justice, Jon Fish – Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento, JoAnn Solov – Congregation B’nai Israel, and Lucy Bunch – Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento.

October 8 Interfaith Climate Forum Art

Amjad Malik, SALAM Center, made this glass art for our Interfaith Earth Justice work.

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