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Together We Share

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We are a food gathering service at UUSS. Teams take turns picking up food and other items donated by our members and friends in the red cart that you’ll find near the Welcome Hall on Sunday mornings. Team members deliver the donations to food bank distribution points around the area.

Sunday Office Volunteers

Support the staff and congregation by performing general office duties.

Religious Education

Religious Education for children and youth offers a variety of ways adults can volunteer. In collaboration with staff and our Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Roger Jones, volunteers provide leadership for education programs. Volunteer opportunities vary throughout the program on Sunday mornings. New energy and bright ideas in the form of volunteer support are always welcome in order for our program to continue flourishing.

Refugee Support Program

We raise awareness of the global and growing refugee crisis and of the needs of newly resettled refugee families in our Sacramento area. With open hearts, UUSS volunteers welcome and support refugee families, providing friendship and assistance toward empowerment and self-sufficiency. The team provides and promotes volunteer opportunities to UUSS members, families and friends. We solicit donations of money, goods and services of direct aid for refugee families and to fund our events and work at UUSS. The team coordinates our volunteer efforts with programs of the local office of the International Rescue Committee.

Family Promise

Family Promise is a program to help homeless families become sustainable. Four families are housed at UUSS for four weeks during the year. We rely on UU volunteers to host, bring meals, and stay overnight at the church.

American River Parkway Stewards

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On the second Saturday of each month, we perform cleanups of a mile of the American River Parkway which was adopted by UUSS.

St. John’s Program for Real Change

Our volunteers provide and prepare a set dinner menu at St. John's Shelter once a month.

Fundraising Strategy Team (FRST)

We are an ad-hoc committee appointed by the Board in 2015 to oversee and promote coordination of the fundraising activities and programs that support and sustain the UUSS mission. Activities include scheduling and recruiting leadership for fundraising dinners, service auctions, special appeals, building donations, the annual stewardship campaign, and encouraging members and friends to remember UUSS in wills, estate plans and investment beneficiary designations. We develop a yearly and 5-year calendar and recruit and support volunteers for various activities and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Members with experience or inspiration in any of these areas are invited to contact us with your ideas and interest in participating.


We are a group of volunteer groundskeepers who work in teams to maintain the outdoor campus. Each team usually works once a month for several hours to mow lawns, collect leaves, etc. as the season requires.

Soup Sunday

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Soup Sunday Lunch is held the first two Sundays of the month from October to March. Suggested donation is $5.

Loaves and Fishes

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We provide helping hands to prepare (7:30 a.m.) and serve food (10:30 a.m.) to homeless people on the fourth Monday of the month.

Program Council

Our council members are elected by the congregation. Our mission is to promote the vitality of our UUSS community by nurturing current programs and activity groups, and encouraging new ones. UUSS members who wish to form a new activity group should submit a new group application to the Program Council. We sponsor an annual Activity Groups Fair and a Volunteer Appreciation event. The Program Council also works with the Board of Trustees to establish budgets.