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Group Search Results

Soup Sunday

Soup Sunday Lunch is held the first two Sundays of the month from October to March. Suggested donation is $5.

Religious Education

Religious Education for children and youth offers a variety of ways adults can volunteer. In collaboration with staff and our Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Roger Jones, volunteers provide leadership for education programs. Volunteer opportunities vary throughout the program on Sunday mornings. New energy and bright ideas in the form of volunteer support are always welcome in order for our program to continue flourishing.

Coffee Hospitality

We set up, serve, and clean up after coffee hour each Sunday.

Religious Services Committee

Our committee works closely with the ministers in planning and presenting Sunday services, and helps arrange for guest ministers and speakers. The lay leaders from this committee (known as Worship Associates) take on specific roles and duties as participants in each service.

Sunday Office Volunteers

Support the staff and congregation by performing general office duties.

Sunday Morning Spiritual Practices

We offer a chance to reflect and center yourself with a different practice each Sunday before the service - at 9:45 a.m.

Beacon Bookstore

The Beacon Bookstore offers publications from UUA, Beacon Press, Congregational authors, good used books and magazines. We are open Sunday mornings 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Together We Share

We are a food gathering service at UUSS. Teams take turns picking up food and other items donated by our members and friends in the red cart that you’ll find near the Welcome Hall on Sunday mornings. Team members deliver the donations to food bank distribution points around the area.

United Nations at UUSS

The national UU Association is affiliated with the United Nations as the UUA's United Nations Office (UNO.) Locally our UNO is affiliated with the United Nations Association, Sacramento (UNA). Look for news of events in Sunday’s “Blue Sheet.”

Welcome Team

We arrive before Sunday services, distribute hymnals, greet people as they arrive, hand out Orders of Service, and help with seating as needed. Newcomers are encouraged to join; it's a great way to get acquainted.

Kitchen Committee

We assist in various food-related events: Soup Sundays, Auctions, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, and fundraising; and we monitor the kitchen after rental use.