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Group Search Results

UUSS Social & Potluck Group

Members, friends and guests meet about six times a year for conversation, activities and sharing food at each other's homes or the Fahs room. All are welcome!

Gen X Boomers

Gen X Boomers (GXB) is a social group for people born between the mid-1940s and early-1980s (give or take). We gather to enjoy a wide range of fun outings and get-togethers.

Generation Y (20s / 30s)

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We are a group of and for individuals in our congregation aged 18-39. We have regular gatherings, and work to ensure that our age group has a strong and active presence in all aspects of congregational life.

Mah Jongg Players

Our group meet once a week to play Mah Jongg and socialize with others who love the game. Contact us to join or learn how to play.

Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East (UUJME) – Sacramento Chapter

UUJME is the Sacramento Chapter of Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East, a UUA related social justice organization of concerned UUs working to educate ourselves and our fellow UUs and citizens about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its legal, moral and ethical issues in an effort to bring about peace and justice in Israel-Palestine, including a settlement of the conflict affirming the equality, dignity, freedom and security of all peoples involved.


We are a social justice group working toward shared goals of the United Nations Association.

Games Night

This is a monthly social event for all ages to bond over a fun activity with fellow UUs. All kinds of families are welcome and encouraged to come. Visit our webpage to check out this month's potluck theme and featured game.

Party Bridge Group

Come join a social Bridge group that plays for fun. The people in the group have various skill levels and are always willing to accept newcomers whatever their skills. Party Bridge scoring is used. We meet each Monday from 1:30 to 4:15 PM in our UUSS Room 7/8. Please email us at for a reservation. Treats are provided. A small donation is appreciated.

Walkin’ Boots

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We are a group of walkers and hikers. We hike interesting trails and pathways, meet others, get exercise and appreciate nature's bounty. Many of the walks are local and of relatively short distance (3-5 miles) but some hikes are longer and farther afield.

Senior Fellowship

Our group is for all members of the congregation 65 and more, or there about, who enjoy learning, sharing, soaring, socializing and just having fun. You are invited to come to one event or come to all.