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Group Search Results

American River Parkway Stewards

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On the second Saturday of each month, we perform cleanups of a mile of the American River Parkway which was adopted by UUSS.

UU Beginning Ukers

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We provide support sessions for people starting a self-directed program of learning to play the ukulele. We gather to exchange resources, and encourage and support one another.

Refugee Support Program

We raise awareness of the global and growing refugee crisis and of the needs of newly resettled refugee families in our Sacramento area. With open hearts, UUSS volunteers welcome and support refugee families, providing friendship and assistance toward empowerment and self-sufficiency. The team provides and promotes volunteer opportunities to UUSS members, families and friends. We solicit donations of money, goods and services of direct aid for refugee families and to fund our events and work at UUSS. The team coordinates our volunteer efforts with programs of the local office of the International Rescue Committee.

Earth Justice Ministry

Our group focuses on environmental justice, sustainable living, worship and celebration, and earth education for adults and children to promote a sense of reverence, gratitude and care for our living Earth. To quote Tim deChristopher," We're going to start from what we know is necessary...we're going to work for what we want...bring us in alignment with our values."

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS)

CUUPs (Covenant of UU Pagans) is an international organization associated with the UUA, promoted by the 7th UU principle, which studies and practices respectfully in earth-based and feminine spiritualities, including ancient indigenous European, Native American (North and South, Alaskan and Hawaiian), African, Asian (East, Mideast or West), Australian, and Wiccan. We promote women's history, sustainable lifestyles, and peace, and are looking into getting UUSS an official chapter and banner. UUSS CUUPs generally celebrates at least the equinoces and solstices with pot luck, indoor labyrinth walk, and ceremony on site. All welcome.

Interfaith Earth Justice

We seek to be a force for healing in the world by engaging with the Sacramento Inter-faith community to be a powerful voice for advocacy and responsible stewardship of our Earth and to support the building of healthy communities for all people. Our actions for Earth Justice are consistent with the UU 7th principle which affirms the interdependent web of which we are a part.

Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East (UUJME) – Sacramento Chapter

UUJME is the Sacramento Chapter of Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East, a UUA related social justice organization of concerned UUs working to educate ourselves and our fellow UUs and citizens about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its legal, moral and ethical issues in an effort to bring about peace and justice in Israel-Palestine, including a settlement of the conflict affirming the equality, dignity, freedom and security of all peoples involved.

Party Bridge Group

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We play the card game of Bridge using Party Bridge scoring. We offer an intellectually stimulating game for fun and fellowship. Open to all Bridge players.

Women’s Support Group

Our group is open to all women. The group shares individual joys and sorrows and open discussions follow.

Mah Jongg Players

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Our group meet once a week to play Mah Jongg and socialize with others who love the game. Contact us to join or learn how to play.

St. John’s Program for Real Change

Our volunteers provide and prepare a set dinner menu at St. John's Shelter once a month.

Fundraising Strategy Team (FRST)

We are an ad-hoc committee appointed by the Board in 2015 to oversee and promote coordination of the fundraising activities and programs that support and sustain the UUSS mission. Activities include scheduling and recruiting leadership for fundraising dinners, service auctions, special appeals, building donations, the annual stewardship campaign, and encouraging members and friends to remember UUSS in wills, estate plans and investment beneficiary designations. We develop a yearly and 5-year calendar and recruit and support volunteers for various activities and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Members with experience or inspiration in any of these areas are invited to contact us with your ideas and interest in participating.


We gather for lectures and presentations on a wide variety of topics, such as travel to exotic places, health issues, history, unusual vocations, and entertainment. We meet September through May.

Stewardship / Annual Pledging

Our team offers the congregation inspiration for faith based generosity and gratitude on a regular basis. The team also plans and implements a pledge drive annually for members and friends to update their pledges for donations that fund the Operational Budget of UUSS.

Adult Enrichment

We provide courses and workshops on a wide variety of topics throughout the year. Come by the Adult Enrichment table after services to check out our latest offerings.

Endowment Trust

The Endowment Trust was established in 1980 to improve and benefit UUSS and strengthen our congregation's long term vitality. Each year a percentage of the Trust's income is spent for special, nonrecurring needs of UUSS.

United Nations at UUSS

The national UU Association is affiliated with the United Nations as the UUA's United Nations Office (UNO.) Locally our UNO is affiliated with the United Nations Association, Sacramento (UNA). Look for news of events in Sunday’s “Blue Sheet.”

Memorial Reception

We provide light refreshments and hospitality at Memorial Services for UUSS members, friends and their families.

Music Program

Keyword match: instruments
Our Music Program is dedicated to making music an integral part of the worship experience and creating a common ground for diverse beliefs through the universality of music.

Administrative and Property Management Team (APMT)

Our team provides leadership in the areas of administration, personnel, and property management. The APMT is appointed by the board and is made up of 5-6 members of the congregation who have skills and expertise in the areas of the team’s responsibility.

Finance Committee

We regularly review financial statements; track investment balances, make financial policy recommendations, and submit an annual budget proposal to the Board of Trustees. The Congregation votes to approve or reject the budget proposed by the Board. Monthly meetings, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m., are open to members and friends.

Men’s Group

We are a peer group that meets twice a month to promote bonding and share concerns, feelings and experiences in a confidential, supportive environment.