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Group Search Results

United Nations at UUSS

The national UU Association is affiliated with the United Nations as the UUA's United Nations Office (UNO.) Locally our UNO is affiliated with the United Nations Association, Sacramento (UNA). Look for news of events in Sunday’s “Blue Sheet.”

Kitchen Committee

We assist in various food-related events: Soup Sundays, Auctions, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, and fundraising; and we monitor the kitchen after rental use.

Betty Ch’maj Annual Event

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We plan and arrange an annual live performance or informational talk for the benefit of our UUSS community. New members are always welcome.

Refugee Support Program

We raise awareness of the global and growing refugee crisis and of the needs of newly resettled refugee families in our Sacramento area. With open hearts, UUSS volunteers welcome and support refugee families, providing friendship and assistance toward empowerment and self-sufficiency. The team provides and promotes volunteer opportunities to UUSS members, families and friends. We solicit donations of money, goods and services of direct aid for refugee families and to fund our events and work at UUSS. The team coordinates our volunteer efforts with programs of the local office of the International Rescue Committee.