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Group Search Results

Nominating Committee

Our committee members are elected by the congregation. This Committee enlists candidates to fill Board of Trustees, Program Council and other leadership positions each year.

Aesthetics Committee

Our purpose is to assure that any permanent or semi-permanent addition or change that affects the visual aspect of the church building or grounds is attractive and appropriate for the campus.

Refugee Support Program

We raise awareness of the global and growing refugee crisis and of the needs of newly resettled refugee families in our Sacramento area. With open hearts, UUSS volunteers welcome and support refugee families, providing friendship and assistance toward empowerment and self-sufficiency. The team provides and promotes volunteer opportunities to UUSS members, families and friends. We solicit donations of money, goods and services of direct aid for refugee families and to fund our events and work at UUSS. The team coordinates our volunteer efforts with programs of the local office of the International Rescue Committee.

Finance Committee

We regularly review financial statements; track investment balances, make financial policy recommendations, and submit an annual budget proposal to the Board of Trustees. The Congregation votes to approve or reject the budget proposed by the Board. Monthly meetings, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m., are open to members and friends.

Religious Services Committee

Our committee works closely with the ministers in planning and presenting Sunday services, and helps arrange for guest ministers and speakers. The lay leaders from this committee (known as Worship Associates) take on specific roles and duties as participants in each service.

Labyrinth Committee

Our committee instructs members and friends about the labyrinth and holds services celebrating the changing of the seasons.

Art Exhibits Committee

We seek to enhance the aesthetic experience within the UUSS Main Hall by presenting high quality exhibits of excellent works of art by local artists.

Fundraising Strategy Team (FRST)

We are an ad-hoc committee appointed by the Board in 2015 to oversee and promote coordination of the fundraising activities and programs that support and sustain the UUSS mission. Activities include scheduling and recruiting leadership for fundraising dinners, service auctions, special appeals, building donations, the annual stewardship campaign, and encouraging members and friends to remember UUSS in wills, estate plans and investment beneficiary designations. We develop a yearly and 5-year calendar and recruit and support volunteers for various activities and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Members with experience or inspiration in any of these areas are invited to contact us with your ideas and interest in participating.

Membership Committee

Our committee serves the congregation by welcoming visitors, helping to integrate new members and supporting activities that make all members of the congregation feel welcome.

Kitchen Committee

We assist in various food-related events: Soup Sundays, Auctions, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, and fundraising; and we monitor the kitchen after rental use.