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 November 5, 2016

Opportunity for Young Adults – SALT (Spiritual Activist Leadership Training)

Posted by Dirk

Posted on November 5, 2016

From Mary Howard:

“Five years ago Rachel was a participant in the first SALT cohort and 2 years ago she, along with another young adult, coordinated and facilitated the 3rd cohort of the SALT Fellowship. She and her colleague are currently in the process of assessing the feasibility of a 2017 SALT Cohort and would like you to spread the word among your networks to see if anyone you know might be an interested young adult participant (ages 18-35). Young adult participants will commit to attending select weekend events over the course of the fellowship, engage in topical weekday phone calls, organize a project in their faith community or in the city of their residence, collaborate with other young adult peers, learn about fundraising and how to ask for support and work with an adult mentor of their choosing.”

for more information:

a video about SALT:


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