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 April 7, 2017

Zavian’s Post from India

Posted by Petra Stanton

Posted on April 7, 2017

From Zavian:

On the fourth I visited an Indian village.  The village in India was very different than American homes.  The village was made out of soil, clay, rocks, wood, tin, and different fabrics.  Most homes in America are made out of strong wood and other sturdy materials.  The people in the village had to make their own food, etc. and provide almost everything for themselves because they didn’t have much money.  On the other hand people that have homes in America usually have everything they need and can buy it because they have enough money. There are many other ways that the Indian village is different from American homes and the people in them.

People in the village have many problems, some worse than others.  One problem that people here have is not enough money.  People here can rarely buy what they want and usually they can’t buy what they need so they have to provide for themselves.  This includes providing food, water, shelter, clothing, and more.  Another problem people in the villages have is staying healthy.  People here can’t afford healthcare , healthy water, good places to sleep that will keep them healthy, and more.  Almost all of the problems that villages have is because they don’t have enough money.  People in these villages have many problems they can’t fix themselves and they are struggling to live well.

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  2 Responses to “Zavian’s Post from India”

  1. I enjoyed reading, Zavian. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for writing, Zavian. It was interesting to hear what you had to say about your experiences. Looking forward to talking to you more when you return from your trip.

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