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 November 19, 2015

Rescued Across the Country

Posted by Petra Stanton

Posted on November 19, 2015

Several people in this village were offered good jobs in the state of Gujarat in India.  They were promised that they would be paid a decent wage and work would be eight hours a day.  Since they were from a very poor village and couldn’t find much work nearby, they felt that this would be a good opportunity to help their families.  So eight of them signed-up and went with the contractor to work in Gujarat.  However when they got there they discovered that they were enslaved.  They were forced to work 12-20 hours a day, never paid, and barely given enough food to survive.  If they complained or tried to leave, they were beaten severely.  Eventually someone from their home village received news of what was happening and alerted the partner organization of Free the Slaves.  They traveled to Gujarat and worked with the local police to conduct a successful rescue and prosecute the traffickers.

incense sticks

Since returning home the village has been organizing to protect their rights.  All those enslaved in local debt bondage have also been freed and they have ensured that no one else gets trafficked.  They’re also working together to develop several businesses so they can be self-employed and have power over their livelihood.  Businesses include tailoring, carpet weaving, and creation of incense sticks with the brand name “Freedom is Power” (pictured below).

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  2 Responses to “Rescued Across the Country”

  1. Such an inspirational story about this village and the work of the Kids Freedom Club, Free the Slaves, and the partner organization.

  2. Thank goodness Free the Slaves was available to help these people, to see that they were rescued from enslavement, and that the traffickers of the crime were prosecuted. Thank you for helping me to understand what the organization does to help people who find themselves caught up in these terrible crimes.

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