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 December 7, 2014


Posted by Freedom Kids

Posted on December 7, 2014

Pancake breakfast coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2 Responses to “PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Program Council supports your efforts!!! SAUCC would like to join in the opportunity also after their service and asks you to start serving at about 10:00 right after their service. There will probably be only 20 or so of them and 50 or more UU’s at 11:15. We suggest you plan for 100 people or more–you can always make more if you have extra mix and toppings, and freeze or send home left overs. It would be great to have a record crowd–there is the appeal of the great cause, wonderful kids’ efforts–and who doesn’t love hot pancakes? (You can keep them warm in Crock pots–I have one available) Let us know if you have all the stuff you need. I understand that our use of the SAUCC stove is not an option, so you will need at least 3 large electric griddles. Put Blue sheet announcements in every week, and sign-ups after church to get all the help and supplies you need. Let us know how the planning is going.

  2. Thanks for your support and great advise! We will talk about it at our club meeting tomorrow.

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