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 May 9, 2015

Summer ArtWorks

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Posted on May 9, 2015

Summer ArtWorks – Help & Registrations! 

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June 7 is the first session of Summer Sunday Religious Education ArtWorks!

Here’s how it will work this year:

VOLUNTEERS offer one or two consecutive Sundays of an engaging activity using art, music or another creative activity that brings people together. We begin a session with a centering time, Chalice Lighting, and Joys and Sorrows. The focus could include introducing a craft, art or other activity that has spiritual importance such as Origami peace cranes, or using household or found objects for sculpture, preparing food, or singing. Each lead volunteer (adult or teen) will need assistants, so please note on the signup sheet a Sunday or two when you can assist.

PARENTS, KIDS, YOUTH register in advance for the ArtWorks Sundays they expect to attend. Of course, things may come up to keep you from making it to church, or your calendar may change and you find you can come after all. This is not an irrevocable registration, just an effort to give our conscientious volunteers advance notice. It can be demoralizing to prepare so much and then have a group that’s too small to make it work. If we do not have at least three kids or youth signed up one week in advance of a given Sunday, we will give the lead volunteer the option of cancelling their session

Kids are of course welcome to attend any Sunday worship service, and the Nursery staff is on duty from 10 to noon every Sunday for ages zero – Kinder, but ArtWorks is the place to be!

*Child Registration: May 10-31.

*Adult & Youth Volunteer Sign-ups: May 10-24.


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