Feb 182017
 February 18, 2017

UUSS Family Promise – Important Update..No guests today

Posted by Frances Myers

Posted on February 18, 2017

We just found out from Family Promise staff that the one family that is currently in the program received their permanent housing yesterday and will be moving in tomorrow. So at the moment there are no families coming to UUSS on Sunday, but the staff has several families undergoing the in-take process so we may have guests as early as Monday, and more than likely some arriving during the week.

Last Sunday at the training, Marsha Spell explained the in-take process and why it is important. Family Promise is much more than a shelter, it is a program that helps families not only find permanent housing, but helps them learn the skills that will help them throughout their lives. Families who want to participate must agree to the structure and ground rules of the program. They also must be drug free, and pass a background check. The program is designed to have families interacting with church volunteers, who are not trained professionals, this vetting process is important. Some families who call Family Promise aren’t ready for this type of program, Kelly the case worker said for every 10 calls, about 2 actually come in for the in-take process. If families aren’t a match for Family Promise, the staff does help them find other programs.

So what does that mean for us. We are still going to set up on Sunday, in case we have guests arriving on Monday. Sunday dinner, evening hosts and overnight hosts you are off the hook. The rest of the week, we will keep you updated.

Whether we help one family or four, or none at all, our willingness to volunteer, to be there for others is what allows Family Promise to exist.


If you would like more information or a description of volunteer opportunities go to UUSS Family Promise webpage

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