Our Covenant


Covenant for Spiritual Deepening Circles

  • Participation in this program represents a commitment of each of us to the people in our Circle, and the group’s commitment to each of us.
  • We will make attendance a priority, and adhere to starting and ending times. We will inform the facilitator in advance if we cannot attend or if we have a special request.
  • We will share as deeply as we’re able (but will feel comfortable passing if we wish to), and listen respectfully and deeply (sharing the time fairly).
  • We will refrain from comments, questions, or dialogue during the sharing.
  • We will assume good intentions and show good will.  In the spirit of the UUSS Mission and Values, we strive to move beyond tolerance to acceptance and understanding, both with regard to that which is shared within the Circle, as well as with regard to others outside our community.
  • We will keep confidential any stories or personal experiences shared in the Circle.
  • We honor that what is brought to the circle belongs to the person who shares; we will refrain from advice or questions without permission or invitation from the person who shared. This applies to conversation in or out of the circle.
  • We avoid triangulation by bringing our conflicts and concerns with the group to the group as a whole or to the facilitators.

UUSS Mission — We come together to deepen our lives and be a force for healing in the world.

UUSS Values — We value the goodness in every person, the openness and curiosity that illuminate that goodness and the love and courage that sustain us.

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