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 February 13, 2017

February Circles: Me, Myself and I

Posted by Rev Lucy

Posted on February 13, 2017

Years ago someone asked me if I considered myself to be self-centered.  This felt like a trick question.  If I said yes it seemed like I was suggesting that I was shallow. If I said no then perhaps I was missing some important idea about self-awareness.  So instead I answered with a question, “where should I center myself?”

This month in our circles we are exploring this idea of identity, authenticity and most importantly our relationship with ourselves.   This should be the primary relationship of our lives, and yet so many of us are filled with self-criticism and judgment.   Developing a healthy ego is one of the most important tasks of life.  A healthy ego allows us to take ourselves just seriously enough,  to know when to hold on and when to let go.   It helps us to feel confident, and clear about who we are in the world. There is a whole religion based on the idea that when we are at peace with ourselves, we will be at peace with the world – indeed we will be helping to save the world.  I’ll let you guess which religion I am referring to. (call me if you know the answer)

So invite you to dig deep this month – take this opportunity to reflect on your own sense of self, and your relationship with yourself.   Feel free to check out the curriculum posted on the web site if you want a preview of activities.  I have selected two supplemental readings to help with your deepening. The first is from a wonderful little book, “20 Poems to Nourish Your Soul” by Judith Valente and Charles Reynard.   They reflect on the idea of acceptance.  The second reading is from Kitchen Table Wisom by Rachel Naomi Remen.

I hope you have a wonderful month.

Rev Lucy

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