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 November 7, 2017

Fault Lines and Love Lines

Posted by Rev Lucy

Posted on November 7, 2017

Our November circles kick off tomorrow with the Wednesday morning group.  November is the month when we share our stories, and we will do so by drawing a life line with two focus areas. The first session of the month will be about “fault lines” . that is also the title of our gathering ready by Robert Walsh. We will plot those fault lines in our lives when, in his words,  “your life, already spilling over the brim, could be invaded, sent off in a new direction, turned aside by forces you were warned about but not prepared for?”  You will draw these times on your life line and share these times with your circle.  In the second session of the month you will add a “love line,” indicating all the times in your life when you have loved deeply, loved in a way that changed you, loved in a way that inspired you, restored you or turned your life upside down.   This is what we will share this month, these are the stories we will tell.

We have a great group of facilitators this year and they are committed to upholding the covenant for each group to give you the safety and structure to share deeply.  As we begin our deepening with each other I am reminded of our UUSS values: We value the goodness in every person, the openness and curiosity that illuminate that goodness and the love and courage that sustain us.

May you come to understand and appreciate each other this month, and through sharing your life lines, learn about the love and courage that has sustained each of you.

Sending love to all,

Rev Lucy

Circle curriculum – Nov 17

Supplemental readings:

I have chosen two supplemental reading for this month. The first is a chapter from David Brooks book “The Road to Character”. In his chapter on love, he explores the life of George Elliot and how she was transformed by love. Brooks – Love   The second reading is from Rev Christine Robinson,  Riding the Waves

You can also find copies of these readings in room 12. Ask your facilitators if you would like a copy.





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