“Come Drink Deep of Living Waters – Where Love of Life Abounds”
Spiritual Deepening Circles at UUSS

What are Spiritual Deepening Circles

At UUSS our mission is to “come together to deepen our lives and be a force for healing in the world.”  Spiritual deepening circles are a way to bring that mission to life.  Many of us long for opportunities for deeper connections and reflection.  The circles are small groups that come together to build connections, to provide a place where participants can explore their beliefs and share their spiritual journeys. We practice deep listening. These facilitated groups of around 10 people will meet twice a month starting in October and will conclude in May. Once established, the circles will be closed to new members.

What is meant by spiritual?

The word spiritual will have as many meanings as there are people to define it! In the circles, we consider “spiritual” to mean the core sense of self, the values around which ones life is focused. The essential spiritual task of life is to find ways to connect this inner sense of self with the larger world, the interdependent web, the sacred in nature, or a sense of divinity some call God. In our circles we explore our lives, our values, and the things that connect us and help us to discover and/or build on this resonance with sacred.

What is deep listening?

A hallmark of the circles is the practice of deep listening – a way to show respect, regard, and love. In the circle meetings participants share without comment, questions or advice from others in the circle. We listen and learn and grow together.

Who can join?

Any member, friend, or newcomer to UUSS is welcome to participate in a circle. Once the groups form in October, they will be closed to new members for the duration of the cycle.

When and where do they meet?

The circles will be established based on the time availability and/or location of the participants. Most circles will meet at church, others at member homes in locations that are convenient for the circle.

Who leads the circles?

Each circle will have two trained facilitators who will meet monthly with the ministers.

What happens at the meetings?

The circles will be structured around a curriculum created by the ministers to promote deep listening and reflection. Each month there will be a specific theme such as “Sharing our Spiritual Journeys,” “What is Sacred?” or “What Does it Mean to Care about the World?” The meetings for the month will have a specific format and activities.  Expect to have some silence, time for reflection, and time for sharing with others in your circle.  We open and close with singing and readings related to the theme.

What is expected of circle participants?

Participants are asked to make the group meetings a high priority in their lives. Each individual is expected to share with honesty and listen with respect. Members agree to hold any personal information shared in strictest confidence. A circle is not a drop-in group, but a shared commitment.

How do I sign up

You can click here to sign-up. There will also be an information table after church August 27th – September 10th where you can have your questions answered and fill out a registration form.