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 August 9, 2017

One more thing!

Posted by Christopher Jensen

Posted on August 9, 2017

Things are going well getting prepped for Camp. Just a few more important things:

Keep dogs on leash and out of the kitchens.

At night: No food outside and all garbage in the dumpster (we are on the edge of wildness).

For those of you in the Rustic Lodging there is a change this year: there are no locks on your doors and so no worries about losing your key!

Looking for dinner out on Friday night? Might I suggest the Monte Vista Inn in Dutch Flat. Ask Kathleen why it is terrific!

Things change but the weather forecast is delightful this weekend for Alta.

See you soon with!

Yours in S’mores,

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  1. Sunday morning here at camp, getting ready to attend our communal breakfast, and then leave this tranquil beauty. Thank you to all who spent months meeting, planning and organizing our camping experience. This was my first All Ages Campout, and I hope to attend many, many more. Thank you all, I had a wonderful time!
    Kathy Stricklin…

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