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 June 5, 2015

Camp Update

Posted by Christopher Jensen

Posted on June 5, 2015

Happy Campers! Once again Patty Taylor will bring weaving supplies and everyone is invited to participate in making a nature inspired woven art piece.  For first time or advanced participants of all ages.  Bringing yarn, heavy string or light weight rope to contribute to the projects is welcomed. This activity is a ton of fun. My last year’s first time piece hangs proudly in our dining room!

Oh yes the Dormitories are still filling up as well as camp sites in the Meadow.

Don’t forget we must receive payment to hold your registration.

Accommodations include dormitory rooms, RV sites, and tent camping.

Remember we will be having a pot luck dinner Saturday night which is always a spectacular spread and a great chance to sit and eat with friends and make new friends….As well as a pancake breakfast on Sunday!

Rich Howard will lead our Sunday service and promises a short but moving sermon.

To volunteer or to help out or for additional  information, call or text Christopher Jensen at or send me an email at . We especially need help setting up the meals and CLEANING UP after them.

See you at camp!

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