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 August 2, 2017

Are you ready?

Posted by Christopher Jensen

Posted on August 2, 2017

Hello Campers!!

Are you ready?

I will be arriving at Camp at noon. Please check in before you settle in. I’ll have keys for lodging and a big smile on my face.

CAMP AMBASSADORS roaming around: John “Pancake” McMillan, Sally “Pine Cone” White, Chuck “The Friendly Bear” Pullen, Carol “Campfire” Clapper, and me Christopher “The Viking” Jensen. We will be wearing green t-shirt with Viking Logos. If you have questions or need help just ask one of us.

If you are in a Rustic Lodge or Cabin don’t forget your bedding. The cots have a cover sheet but that is all.

Also don’t forget your pot luck contribution for Saturday night. We will have a BBQ available for grilling.

Remember Dogs must be on a leash at all times and no dogs (except for hot dogs) in the Heritage Hall or the Lodge on the Hill.

Bring firewood if you can and your favorite campfire song. Our very own Keith Atwater will be leading us. We will have special singing guests “The Howling Coyotes”.

The Lost and Found box will be in the Heritage Hall

Did I forget anything?

Please ask,

Your in S’mores,

Christopher Jensen
Fellow Marshmallow Roaster

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  5 Responses to “Are you ready?”

  1. Would appreciate details on other meal plans–or are they all on our own?

    • sat potluck and then sun pancake breakfast are the only meal plans. the rest is just do it yourself – at least this is how it’s been done in the past, chris can correct me if i’m wrong

  2. I am looking forward to attending and staying overnight at Camp Norge. It will be great to see so many UUSS folks there! The weekend gives me time to connect with lost of people of all ages, including newer folks and longtime church members. Thanks to our team for making it happen and to Viking Captain Christopher Jensen for guiding the ship.

  3. Big response to request for help with Dish Washing but still looking for carpooling help for a few campers who need rides. Anybody have extra room?

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