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 October 25, 2017

Results of Special Offering — Disaster Relief–

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on October 25, 2017

100% of our non-pledge contributions from Oct. 29 will help those affected by recent disasters.  Half goes to the UUA’s Disaster Relief Fund for UU families and churches in California and the Gulf Coast. The other half supports vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico through the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund.

Even before this offering, many UUSS folks made gifts of all amounts:  $5–$50–$300.  We sent those gifts to the UUA earlier.

We will post a total as soon as the results are tallied by our trusted money counter team and bookkeeper, and a check will be sent this week.  If you would like to add a gift, you may send or bring a check to the UUSS office.  Let Michele know you are coming and the amount of your check, and she will include it in the total amount from UUSS.

If you miss it this week, you can click either of the links at the top of this article and send your gift directly. Thank you for your generosity, your care, your prayers and positive energy.


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  1. Donations on Sunday, October 29, came to $3,519.35. Thank you very much! Also, this tally does not include the donations that many of us made in earlier weeks through UUSS or online to other relief organizations. Nor does it include the $1,200 that an anonymous donor brought to the church last week.

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