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 June 12, 2016

Finishing Strong for the Fiscal Year–

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on June 12, 2016

Our Board, ministers and staff hope to end the 2015-16 UUSS fiscal year without a deficit in our operating fund, and that goal is in sight!

Do you have a balance remaining on your operating fund pledge for the year now ending?
If we all complete our payments before June 30, the year will be remembered as a budgetary success! Please know that if you don’t remember how much is left on your 2015-16 operating budget pledge, you may call the office or email Michele, our Bookeeper, at .

Our next fiscal year begins July 1. Thank you to all who have pledged your support for the coming year. If you have not made and operating fund pledge, you may print a 2016-17 operating budget pledge form or call the UUSS Office.

Bonus! Do you have some extra funds that you’d like to give away and give a boost to the church? The summer is a perfect time to make a special gift to support the operating budget or to Heritage Fund. All monetary gifts are tax-deductible.

All gifts are valued and appreciated. All gifts make a difference! Thank you!

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