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 May 22, 2017

Election Results 5/21/17

Posted by J Lopes

Posted on May 22, 2017

Congratulations to the following UUSS members were elected to their positions at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Board of Trustees :

President: Margaret Wilcox           Vice President: Denis Edgren

Secretary: Victoria Owens

Member-at-large: Carl Crain, Roger Olson

Program Council: Marian Ashe, Patty Budding, Linda Roth

Nominating Committee:

Chair: Eric Ross

Members: John Abbott, David Libby, Kathy Styc, Lauren Davis-Todd,
                   Glory Wicklund, Sarah Turner

Endowment Trust: Celia Buckley

Communication Facilitator: Colene Schlaepfer

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  One Response to “Election Results 5/21/17”

  1. Congratulations, indeed! Thank you to our Nominating Committee for finding and recruiting these volunteer leaders and to these leaders for your willingness to serve the congregation. You will make a great addition when you join with the lay leaders whose terms are continuing. Thanks to those who will be concluding their terms at the end of June. By your dedication, generosity and compassion, you keep UUSS thriving.

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