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 July 3, 2017

Blessing Ritual for Elected Lay Leaders on Sunday Morning

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on July 3, 2017

Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento, Annual Blessing of our Elected Lay Leadership

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Minister:  The first of July was the first day of a new program year and budget year at our congregation.  It was also the day that several newly elected lay leaders begin their terms of service.  They are joining others whose terms of service are continuing or who have signed on for another term.  I would like to invite all of them to come to the front.  If you are starting or continuing your service on the Board of Trustees, Program Council, Nominating Committee, Endowment Trust, or as the Communications Facilitator, please come forward.

Today is a good day to celebrate the commitment of all of our elected lay leaders, so as they are coming up, I’d like to recognize those whose terms of service ended June 30.  Please rise or otherwise indicate where you are. Thank you!

Now, leaders, please introduce yourself and tell us the position in which you are serving.

Lay Leaders introduce themselves and say what their position is.

Minister:  We celebrate your decision to serve as our elected leaders.  In our tradition of congregational polity, it is the members who have the ultimate power for major decisions and future directions of the church.  Members entrust elected leaders with specific roles and authority.  Yet all of us together have the responsibility for supporting, sustaining and caring for this congregation.  First we will hear from the lay leaders, and then the rest of us will respond.

Lay Leaders:  We promise to keep in mind the UUSS Mission and Covenant. We will care for the whole community, for its current and future generations.  We promise to communicate needs and opportunities for service of our UUSS mission.  We ask for your shared support, involvement, and generosity.

Members: We promise to support you and the congregation. We will bring our concerns to you, trusting that you will hear them. We will tell you our opinions, questions, and ideas. We also will express our thanks and praise. Whenever you are doing the work of this congregation, remember that good will is with you.  We are humbled by your dedication to this community.  We bless you with our thanks and our trust.

All Members and Friends: The work of building the beloved community belongs to all of us together.  Our mission is a shared one.  In mutual trust, let us promote our religious values, embody our covenant, and respond with grace to the call to serve.  Amen and blessed be.  Namaste!

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