Board of Trustees


Board Members

July 2017 – June 2018

Margaret Wilcox, President

Denis Edgren, Vice President

Gordon Gerwig, Treasurer

Victoria Owens, Secretary

Members at Large:

Kathy Bernard

Carl Crain

Carl Gardner

Roger Olson

Sally White

Youth Trustee:

Annika Lawson

UUSS Board of Trustees

Purpose of the Board

The UUSS Board of Trustees establishes policies and oversees long-range planning. Ultimately the governing authority of UUSS is vested in the members who meet at least semi-annually in October and May.

The Board consists of ten members: a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, five members-at-large and a voting youth member.

The UUSS Constitution defines the details of Board composition and operation (see Articles VII and VIII).

Additional information on Board responsibilities is included in the Bylaws of UUSS.

Board Covenant

We represent our congregation in matters of policy, vision, communications, and advice

regarding the business of the congregation.

We promise to be respectful of one another

by listening to understand,

by keeping confidentiality,

by having our behavior reflect our word

and by remembering to be honest, helpful, timely, forgiving, and kind.

Board Updates

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