Apr 172016
 April 17, 2016

The Spring Fling has Flung!

Posted by Abby Rosenblum

Posted on April 17, 2016

thank youThank you donors, bidders, volunteers and entertainers for making this year’s auction a rousing success.  Unofficial totals on the silent auction alone were over $25,000!  This does not include proceeds from the dinner tickets, raffle, cakewalk or donations made at McMillan’s pub.  A rocking success by all accounts!  Thank you all.

Trending Questions: What did I win?  Can I still win?  Who won my stuff?!  Check the Auction page for answers to these and other timely questions.

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  7 Responses to “The Spring Fling has Flung!”

  1. How do I get to the catalog grid. I understand I can still add my name to Peggy Makie’s art day c53 I think. It’s either 20 or 40 dollars.

  2. All of the 9 spaces for Peggy and Melisa’s “Paint Party with a UU Theme” are taken. Sorry. But to see the remaining Unsold Items, follow these steps:

    1. At uuss.org/auction, click on the link that says: Browse the AUCTION CATALOG here!
    2. Log in to the Auction Catalog. Your login is your phone number – be sure to include the dashes! Your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number. Click on your name when it appears below.
    3. Click CATALOG GRID on the top menu bar.
    4. Then click on UNSOLD ITEMS on the left side of your screen.

    If you see something you like, send an email to and you’ll be an instant winner!

  3. You’ll pay the minimum bid.

  4. When will we get Tiki Harlow’s fabulous recipes? I can’t wait to try them.

    • Sorry, that’s my fault. Tiki already gave me the recipes and I have some photos of the amazing food I took auction night. I’ll finish edting the pics and put together a PDF late tonight and post it to uuss.org/auction. I’ll comment again and let you know when I put it up!

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