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 March 28, 2016

Oh my stars, you can still donate!

Posted by Abby Rosenblum

Posted on March 28, 2016

Guess What — It’s still not too late to donate something to the Auction!  Items donated at this point may not make it into the printed catalog, but please don’t let that stop you… Your offering will be accepted and appreciated through Friday, April 1.  Thank you all for your generous donations!

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  2 Responses to “Oh my stars, you can still donate!”

  1. Hi, With the extended deadline, I have tried several times to add a new baby girl basket with a home made receiving blanket and other things for the raffle, and a home made chocolate fudge cake for the cake walk. No luck getting to the right place online. I will now be out of town until Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I will try once more then, maybe.

    • Lauren, Anyone should feel free to call me, Abby, at 916-956-0450 and I will gladly assist you with adding your donations! Your raffle basket and cakewalk donations will be happily accepted! (They will likely not make it into the printed catalog but that’s not a big deal.)

      Sorry for your trouble. A more direct route to the catalog is to type this URL into your browser: Then enter your phone number and PIN to login.

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